The Absent Element (rainking101) wrote,
The Absent Element

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6:17am 68 degrees and partly cloudy...

These looks. These glances. These touches. These are welcomed distractions from the ruin and poison I see. They are distractions from pain and disgust. In these distractions I feel free because for a single moment I am able to be me; away from the distractions of ruin, poison, pain and disgust.

Which is 10 reasons why I need her. Not the present her. Not the distraction--her...

The ghost her. The myth her. The her that that is a contrast to all I see. The her who I have to believe in.

These moments are nice, so are these touches, but it isn't what I want.

Today's weather is introspective and lonely with a 100% chance of thoughts of lost loves.
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