The Absent Element (rainking101) wrote,
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Her. The power of her. The memory of her. The strength of love. The strength of love past.

I find it easy to think about her. Her thought overwhelms all emotions; all pain, all loss. A love that I know I can't have, but I've accepted that. I'm okay with that. I find calmness in my love for her. It is such a profound love that I am blissfully happy that I can just experience something that strong.

A love unique to all others;a past life, a cellular memory, a singularity, a rib. It is some something wholly special. Wrapped within the warmth and once again basking in what I locked away in vaults of iron and bone; I feel it's warmth and welcome it's constant vibration. In this vibration I can center myself and fight off the demons that haunt me. Her memory gives me the strength and courage to meet what I must do.

There is the pain of hope to concern myself with, however, I am me and she is. Regardless, she will always be special.

Plan A: Transfer to Russellville.

Plan B: Do a shit ton of art.
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