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Between the winding moments of our lives we meet certain moments. Moments we treat with the accord that we have been conditioned to, conditioned by ourselves, or others, or even by routine. The moments drive us and rule over us. They dictate our actions. Actions feed actions. Actions feed responses.

Between the winding moments of our responses we often lose sight. Blinded by conditioning we lose the connections we have with the people around us. We respond to the action and not the person.

Someone died today. Someone that I am not allowed to speak about due to HIPPA laws that cloud my workplace like a great grey beast that threatens to consume those who would like to vent. Regardless, I digress.

Between the moments and mechanizations of being called to an emergency and speeding down the road we often think, "What was my last moment with (name removed) like?"
"Did I chew his ass for something?" "Was it a good day?" "Did I see him smile?"
It was a great last moment. It was a moment I was proud of.

Every moment can be a last moment. A moment that will resonate and vibrate with the actions of the moment. Make every moment a good one. And never let your actions be dictated by anything but love, compassion, understanding, and the willingness to help and better the life and lives of the people you care for.
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