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Amputee's Sacrifice...

women want to be attractive
they tease and they taunt
then they punish you for being attracted

they play painful games
uncaring games

they poke and prod until they are showered with compliments
they lure and lead you to the edge by your heart
they lure and lead you with empty affections
they lure and lead you by giving you shallow hope and allowing you to dream

then they push you off the precipice and watch as you fall
and if their games did relent it would not be because they cared

once again i find myself stoking the fires
i feed these fires and fuel the flames by burning my dreams
i stoke these fires and incinerate the part of me that loves

the heat from this fire burns
these burns blister and mark
these burns dont hurt as much as their games

and once again i kill a part of myself in order to keep moving
i pull the immolated love from my heart and strangle it until it is nothing
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